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Beamay Simple Simon

A Blue Silver male & our stud boy




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What is a Somali?

Somalis are a special cat. They are an active cat with a wild look & a ticked coat. The rear view of a Somali busily hurrying away with its plumed tail (so squirrel like) held upright & it's. booted feet with the furry breeches above is a sight to bring a smile to the face direct descendant of the Abyssinian cat the Somali has retained a 'wild, lynx like' look which belies it's personality.


Somalis have a gentle loving nature, they get along well with dogs & with their gentleness & sense of fun make a great pet for older children. A sometimes-mischievous cat the Somali will rush around trilling to itself finding 'things' to investigate & play with. Anyone who has heard a Somali purring & trilling at the same time will tell you it's one of the happiest sounds in the world, (once they get their hearing back) - the Somali has a VERY LOUD purr. Somali's will make friends with everyone.and welcome attention & cuddles. Above all Somalis are very intelligent & can be taught to walk on a harness & some will even retrieve a toy for you to throw again.


The Somali is the only semi longhaired breed of cat with bands of two colours alternating on every hair which makes the coat sparkle.


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Adult Somalis


. Ghelinsor Soft Toffee - Fawn

Toffee is expecting kittens on September 7 1999

(more about this event later)



Ghelinsor Passer

Blue Somali & mother of the blue silver kittens pictured

later in the page (Simon is the father)




Bazara Pearl Princess

Fawn Silver Somali, aged 8 months at her ablutions (another of Simon's babies.)






 Ch. & Pr. Ghelinsor Milly Vanilly Sorrel Somali



Blue Silver kittens born 11 March 1999.

(Ghelinsor Passer & Beamay Simple Simon)




Tajura Silver Foxkai





Tajura Restless Spirit (sister to Kai)








Two sleeping beauties

(Victoria with one of the babies)





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Biographical Information

Barbara & Victoria Pointing

Bristol UK.

Mother & daughter (Mother does most of the work) We started breeding Somalis in 1994 & started with two queens, we now have four & a stud boy (pictured above).

Other animals in our household are a very old Jack Russell terrier, a white toy poodle & a dwarf lop eared rabbit

Barbara fosters 'difficult' and/or disturbed teenagers & started this new career after retiring early from the bank.

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Personal Interests

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